Ola Ibiwoye: Founder & C.O.O. Estateserve investment, LLC.



Ola Ibiwoye is the Chief Operating Officer and founding member of Estateserve Investment, Llc. He is involved in all the stages of the company’s development and operations, and he is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company’s investment. He takes great pride in his ability to analyze potential opportunities from a fiscally responsible position and understand the varying business priorities that are important to investment goals. 

Ola founded Estateserve Investments with a global vision in mind, to build the company into a profitable private real estate investment company. He has had the privilege of working and being mentored by some of the real estate industry’s best on residential and commercial real estate. 

His professional commercial real estate background ranges from complete commercial real estate investing, creative financing strategy, wholesale, property management, syndication, private money lending strategy, emerging market analysis, property due-diligence, taxation and family office joint venture. He is a certified capital raising specialist and commercial property investment analyst. 

He works with a network of real estate professionals as part of his team. He’s also associated with a group that owns commercial properties in various parts of the US.


The host and coordinator of Commercial Property Club; a media thought leadership platform giving  knowledge, insight and resource to investors on specific income producing commercial real estate. 

He trained at Tigrent Learning (Robert Kiyosaki’s school) and Commercial Property Academy (J.Scott Scheel’s Academy), and also a mastermind student of Multifamily Syndication Academy under the mentorship of Vinod Chopra (Vinney). Currently, he also serves in Vinney’s team as a partner. A Chartered member of the family office club of Key Biscayne, Florida.

Ola is a registered pharmacist in the state of Texas, he is passionate about community pharmacy where he delivers value in the wellness of patients.

Photo of Vinney Chopra, Strategic Adviser Estateserve Investment LLC.



Vinney (Smile) Chopra started out as an engineer in India. Came to America and with humble beginnings as a door-to-door salesman, he sent himself to George Washington to earn an M.B.A (Marketing). Vinney was a professional fundraiser, consultant and motivational speaker for 35 years.

He as given over 10,000 speeches and seminar talks on fundraising, positive thinking, enthusiasm, goal setting, balance living and business coaching. He as created and conducted webinars on wealth building like value-add, win-win negotiation, study of emerging markets, economic funding, commercial property analysis, due diligence essentials and concepts of multifamily investing.

As a multifamily syndicator, he has facilitated 26 syndication deals successfully.He has acquired and managed successfully a $200 million investment portfolio.Currently Vinney is the founder and C.E.O of Moneil Investment Group LLC.