Estateserve Investment, LLC, the premier commercial real estate investment group engage in the ownership, development, financing and management of commercial real estate. Our approach is buying, renting-out, managing and selling for profit using a team of local and national professional partners and institutions.


Commercial real estate investing is nothing new; but our approach is. Our experienced team of commercial real estate professionals are just as innovative as they are aggressive. We look for acquisition and development opportunities way beyond the “low hanging fruit” that provide our company with solid and consistent returns while minimizing risk.
Estateserve Investment strives to capture and cultivate our partner base by constantly evaluating our investment holdings,… Is now the right time to sell?… Or is it the best time to buy?… What about holding property for the long term?, Our partners trust us to take strategic positioning on our various commercial real estate portfolio, and our experience and dedication provides not only timely real estate decisions, but also a leverage that is profitable for a long term growth in the market.
Our investment strategy entails the identification of potential real estate investments through our various tested analytical parameters like economy, technological tools and societal developments, all of which identify real estate trends. Once a property is acquired, our asset management team actively work to maximize the asset potential by implementing stable leasing strategies, capital improvement programs and rigorous expenditure control.
At Estateserve Investment we strive for excellence through teamwork. And our commitment to excellence is as a result of our passion for building wealth and delivering quality product and by so doing we create a pathway for delivering exceptional returns on investment.



Commercial real estate is a great investment option. It can generate an ongoing passive income. It can also appreciate in value with time and it as proven to be a worthy tangible asset class.


TEXAS | for investment

The Texas market of commercial real estate as proven to be one of the most strongest in the U.S with a steady upward momentum due to influx of new jobs, new construction, new infrastructure, tax benefit and good business climate. The multifamily sector tops the commercial real estate market here in Texas.


Estateserve Investment operates on this strategy: we acquire, develop and operate commercial real estate properties in strong growth markets.


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Estateserve Investment, LLC is a fully integrated commercial real estate investment group engaged in the acquisition, ownership, and management of properties. Our staffs are highly trained to identify profitable commercial real estate opportunities for our investment goals. We research current market conditions as well as future trends and combine that research with our set return on investment needs to deliver a revenue producing asset.