Estateserve Investment, LLC is a fully integrated commercial real estate investment group engaged in the acquisition, ownership, and management of properties. Our staffs are highly trained to identify profitable commercial real estate opportunities for our investment goals. We research current market conditions as well as future trends and combine that research with our set return on investment needs to deliver a revenue producing asset.




Our skillset in the commercial real estate investment arena is concentrated on achieving our goal of establishing and solidifying the longterm financial success for our company. Commercial real estate investment is more than just finding property for sale; it involves a thorough analysis of the opportunity including profitability, liquidity and acquisition cost and matching them with our company’s investment goals.

Commercial real estate transactions can be very complex regardless of the type; including buying, selling, property management, site analysis, leasing and tenant representation. Estateserve investment is at every step of the way from opportunity analysis, negotiating the sale and through the closing. We protect our partners interest and keep those interest within the stipulated investment goals.